Katharina & Shilo


A great couple, a great location in Italy. When Miss Vienna marries...

We knew Kate before, because we filmed the Miss Vienna contest in 2014, which she won. We would have loved her to marry in Schloss Laxenburg, which is just a stonethrow away from our home, but when she told us she will marry in the Italian estate Villa Pianciani we were more than happy about her choice. Katharina and Shilo gave us all the freedom we wanted for their wedding movie and so we wrote a small storybook for the intro. We hope you like it just as much as they did.

Carrie & Max


We as a wedding present on a wedding in Styria. Blind date and the result of it.

You bet that the wedding couple gazed with astonishment when they saw us standing in the door. Their employer (whose wedding we filmed before) thought it would be a good idea to surprise the couple with a wedding movie as his present. The result were tears of joy - which was pretty new to us PRIOR to delivering the final movie ;).
What made this even more special was that Max and Carrie are part-time wedding photographers and as that even Canon ambassadors (so top of the line - see www.weddingstyler.at). What followed was a wonderful ceremony with a very romantic couple - but see for yourself.


Diana & Bernie


A quick trip to Santorini before the wedding and then head to Linz. Dream landscape and perfect wedding location - that´s how we would sum things up. 

The greek island Santorini is literally made for wedding videos. Countless white terraces and antique-looking houses high above the blue mediterranean sea. Ad a couple that enjoys doing anything you wish and you cannot get a better start for a wedding movie. It continued in the slightly less scenic Linz. To make up for that, the wedding location and the mood was super awesome!